About Us

PRESSfeed is the brainchild of a couple of veterans in the PR and technology fields.

Sally FalkowSally Falkow

Sally Falkow has been involved in the use of technology for corporate communications since 1995. She has been evangelizing the use of blogs, optimized press releases and online news rooms with news feeds (RSS) since 2003.

In her work with optimized press releases and blogs, Sally found that there was a need for an easy to use, affordable online newsroom that would allow marketing and PR people to add news and other branded content to their websites.

Joel MorrisJoel Morris

Joel Morris is one of the few techies who was a business owner and marketing person before he became a geek. He is the creator of the Tournament of Roses website, which has a vast behind-the-scenes system - a well-oiled machine that offers the most current content to visitors to the site and updates the media whenever there is a change to the content.

Since December 2004, Sally and Joel have been collaborating on the PRESSfeed newsrooms.

In 2006 Sally attended the first Social Media Club meeting in Palo Alto and was part of the early discussion of the integration of social media and PR. Over the last year Sally and Joel have upgraded the product into a social media newsroom, following best practices and user testing the various formats of social media news releases.