Digital PR


Adding company news and other useful and relevant content to your website in an online newsroom is one of the best ways to increase your online presence and your search engine visibility. Fresh content is something Google looks for and it keeps visitors coming back to the site. News content in an easy to find and use online newsroom is top of the list of what journalists and bloggers want in a company website.

According to BtoB tech firm Arketi, journalists are turning to PR professionals and news releases for story ideas. They are using social media tools to find stories, but search engine optimization and building a media-friendly websites site remain vital to reaching the media.

Successful marketing online depends on building trust and relationships. Over 80 percent of web users are now active in social media and they expect a company or organization to have a social media presence. To build a relationship you have to have that social media presence and participate in the conversations. Engagement is the key.

And while it is necessary to have content and build relationships on these various social sites, having all that content in one place on your website is imperative.

Journalists and bloggers say they regard an online newsroom as the best place to find all the content from a company. They prefer not to have to search for your social profiles - they'd like to find the links right on your newsroom.

The PRESSfeed newsroom makes it easy to add news content and social media content to your website - newsletters, press releases, updates and articles. You don't need the help of a webmaster or IT. You don't have to know web design or HTML.

And now it can be done in social media format so that it is very simple for journalists and bloggers to find all your social content, use it and share it online.